To attain the quality at its highest standard, Eat East built up a central production plant at Qing Xi, a beautiful town in Dong Guang, in 2010. The 20,000- square- feet factory was fully installed with advanced production facilities and accredited with ISO22000and HACCP. All Eat East products go through the most rigorous production procedures and the strictest safety control to give the highest level of assurance on both quality and safety.

Eat East strictly requests its food suppliers to obtain export qualifications to ensure all ingredients live up with export standard and meet Eat East’s rigorous quality and safety control requirement.

Eat East’s products comply with all kinds of authoritative tests, some of those are listed as follows:

1) Pesticide/Chemical/ Microbiologic tests of raw materials in our in-house lab prior to raw materials-receiving.
2) Microbiologic test of finished food (products) in our in-house lab
3) Microbiologic and Chemical tests by China Customs-Exports Officials for outward shipments of Eat East products from China to Hong Kong
4) Metallic contamination test on raw materials

Eat East complies with all production and export requirements set out the authorities in China.  We are accredited with ISO22000 and HACCP: