Production Process

Tapping the huge potential in the high-quality instant food market, Eat East has set up its own production plant as early as 2010 to carry out product development, stringent quality control and cost-effective food processing. The production plant fully implements advanced and scientific production procedures to ensure that all products meet high quality and safety standards, which makes Eat East a trust-worthy brand to consumers.

Our factory adopts advanced quick-freezing technology from Europe and USA to fully preserve the color, fragrance and taste of foods. This preservatives-free freezing technology not only makes our food tastier, but also healthier.

MULTI-LEVELS safety inspection, RIGOROUS production processes, MORDERN management, DELICIOUSLY HEALTHY EATING:

Vegetable production Flow

Raw Materials

Select, remove the unwanted parts

Freeze and Cut

Cut vegetables according to customer requirements


Wash the semi-products


Dehydrate the semi-product properly


Put into bulk pack and make it freeze