SMART Vending Machines – The New & Smart Sales Trend 

In addition to our nutritious, delicious and convenient meal solutions, Eat East also strives to offer greater convenience to consumers through optimising sales channels.


Payment Method

WeChat Pay & Alipay


Take Advantage of the Unique Opportunity from the SMART Vending Platform

  • Anytime: 24-hour available
  • Anywhere: Hot meals on the go within one-mile-walking- distance,
  • Good Choices: In-depth sales analysis and product/service optimization through meaningful big data.

Compared with traditional sales channels, the trending SMART vending machines is a more effective sales channel which cuts down both operating cost and entry barriers for operators to enter and succeed.

  • Real Time Data – increase sales effectiveness through a timely and accurate response to the market.
  • Substantial Advertising Income –the interactive touchscreen generates advertising income, which is an important income source in addition to the products selling.
  • Low Operating Cost– the small and fully automated vending machines cuts down cost on rent and human resources.